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WHO were the men and women of Project Apollo? WHERE are they today? WHAT do they think of the extraordinary effort they helped make possible?

When We Were Apollo is an intimate and personal look at the Apollo Space Program through the lives and experiences of some of its most inspiring behind-the-scenes figures: engineers, technicians, builders and contractors who spent the better part of a decade working to get us to the moon and back.



Half a century later, the Apollo Space Program remains the single greatest initiative in peacetime the world has ever known. Its story speaks to the most beautiful characteristics of our humanity: A metaphor for our ability to rise to challenges once thought insurmountable and push past them with even bigger and bolder solutions. Behind every astronaut who set foot on the moon and every figurehead who inspired us to get there was Apollo's massive workforce: A team of men and women over 400,000 strong––spanning race, socio-economics, culture, company and country––who came to understand that the overall Program was only as good as the effort they put into it.

This dedication and the “can-do” attitude behind it––the Spirit of Apollo––carry invaluable lessons about our potential as a species as we chart a course into the 21st century. Like Apollo, our world is too big, diverse and complex for any one person, group or nation to tackle. Only by working together––by taking a truly cooperative approach and empowering one another to become the best versions of ourselves––will we truly be able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable challenges of our day. Such a future is within our grasp. The story of Apollo can help us get there...if we listen.