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Dear Vice President Pence, about that moon shot. . .

“Dear Vice President Pence,

I’ve heard you also had a question while touring the center. It was about the NASA program that built the giant Saturn V rocket in the hall where you spoke. “How did they do it?” you reportedly asked.

I think part of the answer might be in a new documentary called “When We Were Apollo” screened at the rocket center Thursday night. It was made by two young filmmakers named Zachary Weil and John Filson, and it’s the best film about Apollo I’ve ever seen.

The film gives today’s audience a real feel for what it was like and what it took.”

—Lee Roop,


'When We Were Apollo' Crowdfunded Film to Focus on Moon Landing Workforce

““Ultimately,” Weil says, "We We Were Apollo" is just as much about looking at our past as it is about our future.

"The spirit of Apollo — that belief that we can do the big things regardless of what stands in our way — is still with us and we want to make sure it continues on as we chart a course forward," Weil says. "It is our deepest hope, through this film and beyond, that we'll always endeavor to do the big things, especially when times are hard, because they push to become the best version of ourselves."“

Robert Z. Pearlman, Yahoo News/CollectSPACE


Salmon Library plays important role in Apollo documentary feature film

"This project was a natural fit for our space collections, and we are glad to be able to assist the ‘When We Were Apollo’ team as they conduct research for the upcoming film," says Reagan Grimsley, head of special collections at UAH. "Our hope is that the production team will uncover untold stories that others can later use for research."

Grimsley has become an avid supporter of the film, according to Aguilar, providing access to the Salmon Library and its extensive and invaluable collections. Grimsley connected the filmmakers with Alabama A&M University and Marshall Space Flight Center, as well.”

Jim Steele, The University of Alabama in Huntsville