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Raised in Florida during the Space Shuttle era, Zack feels a deep connection to spaceflight and its history. As founder and operator of Contact Light Films in Los Angeles, his mission is to share stories that inspire and motivate younger generations toward positions of public service and leadership. His resume includes hundreds of short-form programs highlighting the philanthropic efforts of Fortune 500 companies like Toyota and Target, to campaigns for nationally recognized non-profits like the 20MM Foundation and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund.


John came to filmmaking through his background in international conflict resolution. He lived for years in the Middle East and Latin America, supporting local communities struggling to prevent war and exploitation. He also led peace-building advocacy programs in Washington, D.C. for many years and sees filmmaking as a transmitter of perspective across cultural boundaries. He is the producer of the web series, Fate We Make, which follows an Iraqi refugee family, with whom John lived as a relief worker in Iraq, as they being life again in the U.S.


Giovanna is the executive producer of Vivir del Cuento, a transmedia project highlighting the oral storytelling traditions of Ecuadorian communities displaced by the 2016 earthquake. She is also the producer of the award-winning feature-length documentary, Dreamtown, following Anibal Chala, an Afro-Ecuadorian player who, for six years, strives against all odds to make it to the professional league. A multi-grant awarded film—HBO/NALIP Documentary Filmmaker Award, NALAC, NYWIFT—Dreamtown can be seen in short form on PBS’s Frontline World Rough Cut.


Kyle is currently a Director of Photography and Colorist for film & television in Los Angeles. He shoots and produces for AT&T’s Audience Network, working on the Audience Music Show and Undeniable with Joe Buck, as well as producing content for the episodic television shows Mr. Mercedes (Brendan Gleeson, Mary Louise Parker) and Condor (Max Irons, William Hurt) and DPing/directing multiple shorts and feature films.


Sean is the production assistant at Contact Light Films and works closely with When We Were Apollo as Associate Producer. He has worked on numerous documentary and feature projects, including Netflix's Chasing Coral (official selection Sundance), produced by Exposure Labs. He is a graduate of the University of Colorado-Boulder Department of Cinema Studies with a minor in English Literature, and is passionate about impactful and socially-conscious films.


Samantha is an intern on When We Were Apollo and a passionate filmmaker and photographer. She is fueled by her passion of understanding individuals, and is a graduate of the Grand Valley State University Department of Film and Video. Sam has produced work for the Human Resources department at Meijer, filmed videos for the U.S. Government, and Sandpiper 565. She is an avid world traveller and has spent time studying and filming in New Zealand.


Dave is on a mission to photograph every unchartered corner of the world in his spare time. He doubles as a creative director and film director in real life. Prior to founding The Human Expansion Co., Dave traversed the advertising and public relations landscape from Chicago to DC to LA, ultimately leading film creative and production for Ogilvy & Mather in the US West as a creative director and Head of Film. His work has been recognized by the Emmy Awards, Addy Awards, Webby Awards, Telly Awards, W3 Awards, North American Excellence Awards, the Brand Film Festival and more.


Jason hails from Southern California, where he has lensed award-winning feature films and television shows for more than 14 years as a cinematographer. His work has been featured internationally. Prior to founding The Human Expansion Co., Jason ran a content production company, producing award-winning work for brands and other clients. With an aesthetic that embraces authenticity and rejects artifice, Jason’s quest is to explore and expand the human experience with a contemplative, honest storytelling voice which resonates with viewers.